Common Questions

Do you take requests?
Absolutely. We are happy to source one or two new pieces that are not on our current repertoire list at no extra cost. We will do our best to suit any specific requests you have and if we can't source an arrangement, we will write one ourselves.
Are you available for recordings?
Yes, we are regularly booked for studio recordings for various different types of projects. We can also be booked individually as soloists or a duo or trio.
What if I'm really tight on budget?
Some of our members perform as soloists or duos which can help cut your costs.
Can you play with our band?
We are happy to collaborate with other musicians you have booked for your event: e.g. We recently stayed on at a wedding to play with the band for the first dance
Do you have other musician friends?
Yes, lots! If you're looking for a harpist, brass quintet, wind quintet or entire orchestra - Anneka is your fixer. She has one of the biggest contact lists of musicians in Bristol.
What do you need from us at the event?
Just 4 chairs, ample arm moving space and maybe a glass of water! Somewhere to put our instrument cases and bags. Preferably no sound clash... and worth thinking about where to position us so that guests will be able to hear us. We can advise on this too.
Do you do charity events?
We love playing for a variety of events and supporting charities - we do have a reduced rate for charities and can negotiate appropriately for a worthy cause!